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Source Water Protection

Project Summary

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Lisa Vollbrecht, St. Cloud Public Utilities, 320-255-7225,
E-mail: Lisa.Vollbrecht@ci.stcloud.mn.us

Justine Roe, St. Paul Regional Water Services, 651-266-1628,
E-mail: Justine.Roe@ci.stpaul.mn.us

George Kraynick, Minneapolis Water Works, 612-661-4923,
E-mail: George.Kraynick@minneapolismn.gov

Marilyn Bayerl, Project Manager, 320-766-6126,
E-mail: marilyn@bayerlwaterresources.com

Cooperating Partners

Anoka Conservation District, www.AnokaSWCD.org, Jamie Schurbon, 763-434-2030 ext. 12, E-mail: jamie.schurbon@anokaswcd.org

Central Minnesota Water Education Alliance, www.mnwaterconnection.com,
Noah Czech, 320-255-7226, E-mail: noah.czech@ci.stcloud.mn.us

Elk River Watershed Organization, www.sherburneswcd.org, Tiffany Determan, 763-241-1170 Ext. 3 or 320-968-5300 Ext. 3, E-mail: Tiffany.Determan@mn.nacdnet.net,

Rice Creek Watershed District, www.ricecreek.org, Nick Tomczik, 763-398-3079,
E-mail: ntomczik@ricecreek.org  

Upper Rum River WMO, www.anokanaturalresources.com/urrwmo/, Todd Miller,
E-mail: tmiller@popp.net; Jamie Schurbon, 763-434-2030 ext. 12, jamie.schurbon@AnokaSWCD.org

Lower Rum River WMO, www.anokanaturalresources.com/lrrwmo/index.htm.
Steve Jankowski, 763-427-1410,
E-mail: sjankowski@ci.ramsey.mn.us;
Jamie Schurbon, 763-434-2030 ext. 12, 

Sauk River Watershed District, www.srwdmn.org; Scott Henderson; 320-352-6455,
E-mail: scott@srwdmn.org

Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation District, www.StearnsCountySWCD.net, Katie Breth, 320-251-7800 Ext.6482, E-mail: katie.breth@mn.nacdnet.net

Vadnais Lake Area Water Management Organization, www.vlawmo.org, Phil Belfiori, 651-204-6073, E-mail: phil.belfiori@vlawmo.org

Advisory Partners

Dereck Richter, Minnesota Department of Health, 651-201-4664,
E-mail: dereck.richter@state.mn.us

Lori Blair, Minnesota Rural Water Association, 800-367-6792,
E-mail: lori.blair@mrwa.com 

Doug Hansen, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, 651-757-2406, E-mail: douglas.hansen@state.mn.us 

Jason Weinerman, Water & Soil Resources Board, 320-223-7072, E-mail: jason.weinerman@state.mn.us

Lanya Ross, Metropolitan Council, 651-602-1803, E-mail: lanya.ross@metc.state.mn.us

Lark Weller, National Park Service, 651-290-3030, ext. 304, E-mail: lark.weller@nps.gov



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