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Source Water Protection

Project Summary

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The implementation of source water protection plans will require collaboration among water suppliers, the cities they serve, local units government within their respective Source Water Protection Areas, landowners, state and federal agencies, schools, and the general public. This requires the establishment of relationships among water suppliers and those upstream organizations and individuals whose actions influence source water.


The three areas on the following "Composite Source Water Protection Area" Map show the boundaries of this area and generally follow watershed and subwatershed boundaries of the Mississippi River's main stem and tributaries to the Mississippi River, a distance on the Mississippi River of approximately 112 miles between Fridley and north of Little Falls, Minnesota.

*Note: Due to the large file size of the maps, download time will vary.

Composite Source Water Protection Area (project area) for St. Cloud, St. Paul, and Minneapolis, an area of approximately 7,700 square miles.

St. Paul Area Map


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